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Jeanne Louise Calment was years and days old when she died in Her outsized lifespan instantly put the socialite from Arles, Oldset, into the history books as the oldest officially documented person to ever live.

The Russian researchers claim that Calment, in fact, died at the age of 59 inand her daughter, Yvonne, assumed her identity after the fact to avoid inheritance taxes, and was thus the one oldesr died in at the impressive-but-not-record-breaking age of There is no oldest women i can find gun, however, and the evidence he produces is largely circumstantial.

He points to photos where the mother and daughter appear to resemble one another more closely than previously published images might suggest.

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A passport issued to Jeanne in the s contradicts her eye color and height recorded later in her life. Yvonne was the one who is listed as dying in of pneumonia. Billot and Jeanne, apparently, got along great, and he never remarried, despite being only 42 when his wife died, which, Zak contends, may have simply been because he was, in fact, still living with his wife.

He also points to an interview in which Jeanne names a oldest women i can find who used to take her to school.

However, according to the records, that maid was ten years younger than she was, and fin actually escorted Yvonne to school. Yvonne's death certificate was also signed by a woman "sans profession," not by medical doctor or coroner.

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According to Elena Flirty dirty lingerie at the Life Extension Advocacy Foundationwhich crowdfunds projects designed to combat disease womeen aging, the investigation was instigated by Valery Novoselov, assistant professor of the Department of Gerontology and Geriatrics of RUDN University, who is known oldest women i can find studying medical documents to investigate the deaths of famous Russians the list includes such heavyweights as Vladimir Lenin.

In an interview, he says that he became oldest women i can find when he noticed just how far off Jeanne was from the normal curve of statistical models of centenarians and super-centenarians that have been published in recent years. He also says that her abilities and the condition of her skin in photos did not correspond with what would be expected for a year old. She could sit up without any support.

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She had no signs of dementia. The fact that she had her family archival material destroyed is also a red flag.

Not everyone is convinced by these theories. Zak writes in the paper that Jeanne spent much of her time in the s outside of the city of Arles. The disruptions of the s and s, would have been an opportune time to solidify her new identify.

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Whether or not the claim is true—and it will require much more evidence to prove the case or even exhumation of both bodies—such a longevity switcheroo is not unprecedented. His age was even verified by government statisticians.

Oldest women i can find, it turned out that Joubert had the same name as his father, and the two records were conflated. Other similar cases have been found in South America, where the names of parents and children have been confused.

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May 12, A woman in India could make the record books as one of the oldest ever if elderly parents become ill, or if they don't live to see him grow up. Oldest woman to give birth dies, leaving twins A Spanish woman who deceived a U.S. fertility clinic about her age and become the oldest oocytes for research have not borne out” in other states, we can find no support for this statement. For the oldest currently living people, see List of the oldest living people. Wikimedia list article. These are lists of the known verified oldest people arranged in descending order of each individual's age in years and days. The oldest person ever whose age has been independently verified is "South suburban man celebrating th birthday could be oldest in country".

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