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Welcome to Plush Bums!
I am a mom of 3 energetic boys (2 of which are in cloth diapers).
When my youngest was about 3 months old (and using disposable diapers) I noticed he started getting red bumps on his bottom/diaper area. I thought it was a typical diaper rash and treated it as so. As the day went on I noticed it getting redder and the bumps becoming larger. To make a long story short, the pediatrician diagnosed it as folliculitis. So we changed brands of diapers, wipes, soaps, lotions several times. All of the changes I made weren't helping. It got so bad that he had to go on oral antibiotics, and that was the final straw! I switched to cloth diapers and since then we haven't looked back. His skin hasn't given him any problems since we switched to cloth. :)

When I made the switch, I was concerned it was going to be so much work and I would be overwhelmed. But I was up for the challenge because I was willing to make sacrifices for my little man. I watched countless Youtube videos, read articles, read blogs, joined Facebook groups to gather all the information I needed to start the cloth journey. Since I didn't have any friends using cloth diapers, I depended on my research and trial and error. I collected the data and products I found what I loved and what I didn't. I then realized that cloth diapering was incredibly easy, and essentially it was just laundry.

I now use cloth diapers on 2 of my boys who are still in diapers, and I am so glad I made this choice. I want to share my love for cloth diapering and educate others that it isn't difficult. There are so many benefits and advantages when using cloth diapers!